On the verge of the dream (На грани мечты)

On the verge of the reality
I was looking for my dreams.
Lost in a maze,
Blinded with the vision,
I wandered between the gates that never open.

On the verge of faith
I found a door
That led me to the world
Full of light and mystery.
“Are you real?” I never asked
And never got an answer.

On the verge of reason
Craziness is the only thing
Left for me:
I imagined I belonged there.
Then the light turned off.
I was trapped.

On the verge of darkness
Scars are healed with the touch of silk skin.
And flashbacks of the future turn into memories,
And memories lose significance
And get meaning.

On the verge of screaming
I am overwhelmed
By the war of silence.
And I whisper my pray
Don’t you go, please, just don’t go…

On the verge of confusion
The hope is desperate.
Who said we were able to fly?
But if it’s you who is falling down
Why is it me who is feeling pain?

On the verge of eternity
I see how the god becomes a mortal.
My ghosts are greeting yet another mate.
There is nothing left of you,
A dream is always just a dream.

On the verge of a reality
I was looking for my dreams…


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