I was born in a country that doesn’t exit. I have lived in Europe, in Asia, and somewhere in between. I have crossed the Suez Canal. I have seen Africa from Europe. I walked the streets of Manhattan on September 11, in 2001. I have flown around the Everest. Nowadays I breathe the air of creativity on the streets of Barcelona where we all can feel ourselves the citizens of the world.


Creativity is what gives meaning to my life. There is no point view from which I couldn’t take a look at any situation. My imagination does not have limits: I create worlds. I dream with poems, invent words, dance with stories never told, paint what the eyes can’t see, photograph the ethereal. We have known each other with the creative process in all poses.


This world breathes magic. And when we let us connect with our creative being magic fills our lives. But for this to happen we need to remember a forgotten skill: to become aware. When one is mindful, everything changes. Creativity and consciousness are two wings I want to bring to the world so we all could fly.


I am of a weird kind – I loved going to school. I don’t simply love learning new things – I love studying. So I could fill up a wall with all my certificates and diplomas – from a bachelor's degree in Economics through Master of Science in Creativity - but they rest peacefully in a box. Nevertheless, I am proud of the path I have walked, so everyone who is interested in the details of my professional background – my LinkedIn profile guards all my secrets.


I read books about romance with dragons. One of my favorite TV series is “NUMB3RS” produced by brothers Scott because it talks about people in love with their jobs. I graduated from a musical school with a specialization “Chorus signing” but I sing mostly in the shower. I love airports and stories about human resistance to the alien invasion.